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Since our inception, Alabama Waldorf School has never had a campus of its own. We have utilized loaned space or rented facilities and have been renting the current site at the former Birmingham City Comer School building for more than 15 years. However, the lease expires in 2018 with no hope of renewal. As such, we will be required to vacate the building and move our school to another location. While we have established a solid reputation for educational excellence and service in our community, our school has yet to establish lasting, physical roots from which we can grow and prosper.

The looming lease expiration inspired an exhaustive search for a permanent home, and we recently located the ideal site for our new campus. The location, size, amenities, and minimal price of the property effectively met our current needs and future growth expectations. The property was purchased using a standard loan process augmented by individual donations to support the down payment. Moving forward with the purchase ensured the site’s future availability and has served to define and direct our capital campaign process. Our plan is to launch a $975,000 capital campaign that will allow us to pay off the property loan, renovate and develop the site for school use, and establish a reserved endowment and building maintenance fund that will help ensure long-term sustainability and growth. The campaign plan will guide the cultivation and solicitation of individuals, foundations, and corporations to help us reach our goal.

The new school campus, once completed, will include the following:

Exterior Features of the Campus: Located on a naturally landscaped four (4) acre lot, the new campus will provide ample outdoor space for play and exploration as well as an outdoor classroom setting for our Grades programs — offering such learning opportunities as nature studies, environmental education, and gardening.

The Campus Buildings: The future campus includes two buildings totaling 12,000 square feet. One building will house the Administrative offices, shared educational and community spaces and the Nursery classrooms. A second building will house the Grades program, the Kindergarten, and our Autism and Remedial Education classroom space.

Interior Building Features: Teachers will be able to mold their classrooms into learning environments that align with Waldorf educational philosophy. Using color, natural and warm-toned electric lighting, art and environmental awareness, classrooms will provide greater dimensions for imagination, human warmth and artistic sensitivity. “If our years of coming to understand the world are spent in a place where the world is beautiful, then, for us, the world really is beautiful,” writes Jim Taylor in “If It’s Shaped Like a School,” from the Waldorf Worldwide newsletter. “The richness of our founding places will be carried with us and nourish us throughout life.”

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