Extended Care

Alabama Waldorf School's Extended Care program is available to enrolled preschool and grades students. To meet the needs of our busy parents, we provide a comfortable and wholesome environment for students from 7:15am -5:30pm. 

For the preschool, which includes nursery and kindergarten, AWS offers an Early Afternoon Extended Care from 12:30pm to 3pm. During this time, the children nap or rest, depending on their needs.  

AWS also offers a Late Afternoon Extended Care option for preschool age children and elementary students that runs from 3pm-5:30pm. Both programs include outside free play, weather permitting, and time for a healthy snack. The preschool students then enjoy more outside play, reading, or inside games until their parents arrive. The grades students have a quiet time, which provides the older children an opportunity to focus on any take-home assignments they may have.

AWS also offers an Early Morning Extended Care program for all ages. This program begins at 7:15am and transitions smoothly into the students' core program, which begins at 8:15am.

Both parents and children benefit from AWS's extended care programs. The programs provide a comfortable environment and consistent rhythm for your child's early mornings and late afternoons. This program also ensures ample opportunity for social interaction and a healthy alternative to after-school TV viewing, competitive sports, and video gaming.  

AWS offers the extended care program on a contractual basis or a "drop-in" basis. However, availability may be limited on any given day, especially Wednesdays when the full Faculty and Staff meet. Extended Care information costs for the 2014-15 school year can be found on our tuition rates chart.