2011 4th Grade Cahaba River Trip

On September 2nd, Ms Lucas' 4th Grade class took a field trip to the Cahaba River.  Members of the Cahaba River Society taught the class about the diversity of life found within the Cahaba River and its tributaries.  In the above video, the 4th Grade worked together to capture fish for study. All the kids interlocked their elbows and dragged their feet as they approached the net in a straight line.  The goal was to direct fish to swim towards the net.  When the line of children reached the net, the net was raised and everyone checked to see what types of fish were caught. This routine was performed around 6 times.  After being caught, the fish were placed in holding containers. The children then identified the species of all the fish using a laminated picture chart. And finally all the fish were released carefully back into the Cahaba.

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