Jennifer Kampsnider is a grandmother of three AWS alums and two current AWS students. Ms. Kampsnider comes to AWS with decades of experience as a public school teacher. The school is lucky to have her during the winter season when she is a snow bird visiting from Vermont, and we’re always sad to see her go when the weather starts to warm up again!

Beth Phillips is a former full-time AWS preschool teacher and enjoys substituting when her artist's schedule allows. She is also mother to two former AWS students.

Linda Sering, or "Nana," as she is often called, is grandmother to two AWS alum and one current 8th grader. She is also the mother of Nursery teacher Samantha Hall. Childcare is both Ms. Sering's main occupation and hobby, and she cherishes her work with the little ones at the Waldorf school.

Aysen Czurgel

Margaret Murphy