Sadhna UdharamSadhna Udharam was born and raised in Suriname, South America. She received a bachelor's degree from the Teaching Institute in Suriname and had plans to teach English to middle schoolers there. However, she moved to the United States with her new husband and started a family. Her love for teaching stayed with her, and in 2002, she was hired for AWS's Extended Care program. She worked in that program for 4 years, then taught in the Nursery for 2 years. In 2008, she was hired as a Kindergarten teacher. Sadhna brings a love of children and an earnest desire to learn more about the developmentally appropriate curriculum and Waldorf teaching methods and completed her Early Childhood Waldorf Certfication program in the Summer of 2013 at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA. Ms. Sadhna leads with gentle guidance and is genuinely interested in the spiritual, physical, and mental growth of children. She enjoys singing and can often be heard serenading the "Beautiful Nappers" in the afternoons where she serves as an Early Extended Care teacher. 

Betsy MillsBetsy Mills was born in Florida, and raised in New Orleans and Texas. In her teens her family moved to Malaysia where she attended high school at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. In 2004, she earned a BA in French with a minor in Linguistics from the University of Montevallo. A majority of her degree was completed in France at Université Paris-Sorbonne and Université de Caen. In 2009, Betsy enrolled her two children in Kindergarten and Nursery at AWS. Waldorf education spurred her interest in Anthroposophy and Eurythmy, which then led her to working in the early childhood program. Currently, she is assistant to Ms. Sadhna in the Kindergarten, and prior to that, worked as a substitute, Extended Care teacher, and Nursery teacher at AWS. Betsy and her children are honored to be a part of the Waldorf community!

John HuckesteinJohn Huckestein has been teaching in Alabama Waldorf School's Preschool program since 1995 when it was The Redmont School in the Waldorf Tradition. In 2013 he began working in the Kindergarten program. He is extensively trained in the Waldorf methods for the care and nurturing of the young child, including coursework in pastel drawing, the importance of play, and early childhood education. He earned his Early Childhood Waldorf Certification from Sunbridge College in 2014. Mr. Huckestein also leads the Early Morning Care for the Preschool. A favorite among children, "Mr. Huck" is known for his jocular manner and his storytelling ability.

Andrea HolleyAndrea Holley is a certified caregiver through the Jefferson County Department of Human Resources and the "Kid and Kin" Association. Her childcare experience started at Rainbow Daycare Center. Andrea worked as a substitute and Extended Care teacher at AWS before becoming full-time as a Kindergarten teacher in 2008. Since then, she's received training at regular AWS faculty workshops, attended workshops at the Linden Waldorf School in Tennessee and observed for a week in the Kindergarten at The Waldorf School of Atlanta. Ms. Andrea works with Mr. Huck in the Kindergarten.
Sadhna Udharam