Waldorf Resources

Growing Our Future 

A Capital Campaign Video created by Michael "Flash" Mills for Alabama Waldorf School's Capital Campaign

Waldorf FAQs

Get answers to commonly asked questions by downloading our Frequently Asked Questions about Waldorf Education article, including:

For more about Waldorf philosophy, visit Why Waldorf Works, a page managed by the Association of Waldorf School's of North America (AWSNA).

The Waldorf Early Childhood Curriculum

The Denver Waldorf School produced this video which shows how Waldorf preschools provide a gradual transition from the life of the home to the structure of an elementary school. The Waldorf Preschool, they explain, is based upon the simple yet profound concepts of imitation, repetition, and creative play.

Educating Children for the Journey

In this TEDX video, veteran teacher Jack Petrash presents that today's standards-driven education prevents children from being taught in a multi-dimensional way. The Waldorf approach prepares students for a future healthy social, emotional and thoughtful life.


How Waldorf Education helps build a healthy brain

Waldorf school Administrator and former class teacher Lisa Grupe talks about how scientific research on the brain supports a Waldorf education for children. Dr. Grupe earned her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Waldorf Schools: Education for a child's Future

Waldorf School Founder and former class teacher Sheila Rubin talks about the long-term benefits for students who are given a Waldorf education. 

Teaching 1st Grade Math using a Waldorf approach

In this video, former class teacher and current AWS Marketing Director Opal South speaks about some of the methods Waldorf teachers use to approach teaching all four math processes in Grade 1.