Board of Trustees

Patrick McCarty, Chair, is active in the Family Association and as a Grades parent. He works for Protective Life as a software developer. He has extensive financial experience and is also the acting actuary. His two older children attend Alabama Waldorf School's Grades program while a little one is still at home. In his spare time, he also enjoys acting and is often busy filming.

Gerhard Graf, MBA, Vice Chair, originally hearkens from Germany, the birthplace of Waldorf education, and is the proud parent of an AWS Grades student. He is active with Das Haus / The German Club downtown, the Alabama Germany partnership, and UAB where he works full-time as IT Operations Manager.

Ally Leonard, BA, Secretary, teaches Spanish at The Altamont School and is the Dean of Students for 7th and 8th Grade. She has an alum daughter and son at Alabama Waldorf School.

Rob Spiegel, MD, is a concierge physician and active Grades parent. He brings much business expertise to his role on the board as Site Chair and Capital Campaign Chair.

Glenny Brock, MFA, is a professional writer and serves as the outreach coordinator for Birmingham Landmarks, Inc., the nonprofit organization that owns and operates the Alabama and Lyric Theatres. The former editor of Weld and Birmingham Weekly, Brock teaches creative writing and journalism at Birmingham-Southern College.

Jon Doss is a finance and real estate professional and the father of two Alabama Waldorf School students.

Jenn Gray, has a BSE in Chemical Engineering and earned her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California in San Francisco. She lived in SF for 15 years and was involved in her daughter’s co-op school there as a teacher and administrative assistant for the school director. Jenn is an accomplished knitter, crocheter, quilter and seamstress and volunteered as a Handwork aid at AWS last school year. She has been heavily involved with the Marketing Committee and is eager to contribute her talents and energies to help the school grow. Her daughter Mila is in 1st grade this year.

Sarah Gurganus, BA, and Holly Thompson, BA, are the current faculty representatives to the Board of Directors. See their bios under Faculty.

Scott Segars, BS, is the Telecommunications Manager for Surgical Care Affiliates and the parent of a Grades student.

Christopher Terrell, JD, is the Deputy Chief Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer at HealthSouth Corporation. Mr. Terrell has been at HealthSouth for six years, during most of which he was Associate General Counsel. Prior to joining HealthSouth, he was a partner at the law firm of Balch & Bingham.